The Dreams Loft is proud to be associated with Emma Hayward Video Production services and we regularly work together on projects.  Emma produces high quality video and Pete captures the sound for the video to a higher standard than just the camera microphone.

We  film 'The Dreams Loft Sessions' (see in menu bar above) in the studio monthly, but we have also done a number of different projects that can be seen below.

'New York Never Happened' is a song written by Kaydee McKeown Joyce.  Kaydee had just lyrics on arriving and Pete quickly wrote the music.  We then had Emma arrive to film for Kaydee recording the vocals live and the whole project was finished in just 4 days from idea to completion.

Perfect Harmony are wedding singers who contacted Emma to film a promotional video for their services.  The had access to a nice looking venue in town centre and so we recorded on location.  Pete was able to use the natural reverbs in the venue to make it sound nice and natural.

Scoil Chaitriona School in Renmore, Galway contacted Emma and Pete to help film their entrance into a competition for music equipment.  They wanted to make sure that their entry stood the very best chance in making it into the final, which they did!  Was amazing day of shooting and Emma and I were very proud of the result.