Originally from the UK, Pete Duffy is the founder of The Dreams Loft and has resided in Ireland since 2000.  

He first started learning piano at the age of 7 and progressed quickly playing a range of styles from Classical to Jazz.  His knowledge of these styles and theory was furthered when he sat and passed A-Level music, before heading to Perth College of music (Scotland) where he attained a Higher National Diploma in Popular Music Performance.  This course enabled him to study various styles in depth, such as Mowtown, Punk, Heavy Rock, Country.  

At the age of 21, he moved to Dublin and played at various bars showcasing his original material, before establishing himself in Galway where he started The Dreams Loft.

Pete has attended 3 Mix With The Masters Seminars at the state of the art ‘La Fabrique’ studios in Remy de Provence, France so far. The first was on Songwriting and production with Greg Wells who has crafted songs and produced for Adele, Katy Perry, One Republic, 21 Pilots, Bejoncé and many more.  On this occasion, Greg worked closely with 2 outstanding singers from LA - Natalie Dunn and Jay Harte to write a song for Jay's forthcoming album.  The song was written and produced  in entirety over 3 days and then Andrew Scheps (Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Adele, Rodrigo Y Gabriela) arrived to mix the production. Pete then decided to stay for a 2nd week to study under Andrew Scheps.

Pete went back to study under Greg Wells in March of 2018, where Greg was joined by Keala Settle and he talked extensively about how he mixed and produced the soundtrack to ‘The Greatest Showman’, which at time had already made no.1 in 77 countries worldwide. They worked on a song together and Pete and the other participants were invited to sing backing vocals on the production!

I was privileged enough to be joined by Charlene Donabedien for this song called 'A Prisoner Outside'. This song was written a couple of years ago, when a butterfly had become trapped in the studio. It was beautiful tortoise shell butterfly and I didn't want to let it go, as they only last for 2 days or so outside I think!? The butterfly was there for ages and would fly around whilst recording, until finally I thought it was best to let it complete its circle of life. It's fairly rough and ready - enjoy! Sometimes it doesn't have to be perfect. :-)

Posted by Severeal on Monday, 4 May 2015

Here's the video to 'Exist', a song that was written back in 2012. It happened that I was unemployed at the time and on visiting the social welfare office, the automated counter announcer went haywire whlist I was recording it. I took that as a sign and started writing the lyrics. Originally this track was arranged entirely by myself on the computer, but the legendary Charlene Donabedien brought her flavour to the track on violin, as did Tom Barrett with a beautiful double bass too.With help from the amazingly talented Emma, Jess and James we pieced this video together and had a lot of fun in the process - please feel free to like and share! Many thanks.

Posted by Severeal on Monday, 27 April 2015

Thank you Theresa Rock for giving me the gentle prod I required for putting up some of my own music! This song was inspired by an article posted to this page a couple of years ago and Emma came around to take the video yesterday. Here's the article and video - hope you enjoy!

Posted by The Dreams Loft on Monday, 20 April 2015

Eclosure was a collaboration with Alexis of Savage Sound System in Scotland.