The Dreams Loft Sessions

The Dreams Loft teamed up with Emma Haywood Video Production ( to record some client’s work. The videos are shared on our Facebook pages where they receive considerable engagement and this is a great way for artists to get their music out there.  

Dream 1 - Brendan Keaney

Up and coming artist Brendan Keaney plays his original song 'Turncoat' from his forthcoming album.

Dream 2 - Barry Staunton

Barry is no stranger to the Galway music scene and here he is playing his original song 'No One Knows' from his forthcoming album.

Dream 3 - Sonny Casey

At only 18, Sonny has an amazing voice and is definitely one to watch on the Irish music scene.  Here she is playing her original song 'Not The Same'.


Lisanne recorded her album Wanderlust in 2013 at The Dreams Loft and has since furthered her career and moved Glasgow, where she has become involved in the electronica scene there.  Here she is with her song 'Paper Trails'.


Dave Rock performing one of the poems of his album of poetry that he recorded a couple of weeks ago.  Dave runs an amazing company called Speaking Rock - check his website out below.

DREAM 6 - David Lydon

Here we have David Lydon, who showcases 'Something I Can't Find' from his forthcoming album that we're recording together. David's music features beautiful and sometimes discordant chords, with haunting vocal lines over the top and he has been a delight to record over the last few months.

DREAM 7 - Kate Lineen

Kate Lineen and I randomly met one night in Buskers in August. We started chatting and after discovering that she could play piano and sing, I invited her to write and record an original track. Since then, she has been quite prolific and we have now produced 6 songs, which will be on her forthcoming album 'Man Menu'! Delighted to be able to introduce this incredible talent and you can be sure you'll be seeing plenty more from Kate.

Dream 8 - Ben Turner

Here we have a beautiful original track that Benjamin Turner has recently recorded at The Dreams Loft. 
His wonderful vocals and outstanding guitar skills really shine through on this track and Ben is a delight to work with too!

Dream 9 - Sean Gorman

Sean (TheSeanGorman) Gorman recently recorded his 3 track EP and decided to showcase the 3rd track from the Sci-Fi Trilogy 'Homo Robo'. We had a lot of fun recording it and here is Sean's live performance of it! Check out Sean's other links and be sure to like his page.

Dream 10 - James Gallagher

James Gallagher was in for his first recording session a few weeks ago now with his song 'Don't Run In The Corridor'. Great song from James and you can expect plenty more from this talented man in the near future!

Dream 11 - Echo Harte

Delighted to be able to share this wonderful original track from the amazingly talented Echo Harte. Another extremely talented youth from Galway and you can expect great things from him in the near future! Check out his other channels below and give him a like Echo Harte Music.

Dream 12 - Curtis Why

Great to see Curtis Why back from Melbourne, Australia on his way through to New York!  Here he is playing a track Special K from his second album.

Dream 13 - Pete Hodkinson

Wonderful to meet Pete on his travels around Ireland and hope to see him again soon!  Here's his original track called 'Postcards in Space'.